sing about dead people

by The Dead Maggies

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released April 7, 2014



all rights reserved


The Dead Maggies Hobart, Australia

Tragic tales of Tasmanian folklore, set to a toe-tapping lively folkpunk hoedown.

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Track Name: Truganini - off Bruny Island
They threw him off the boat, and when he tried to climb aboard, they cut off both his hands, left him to drown. They threw him off the boat, so they could have their way with her, then they rowed back as she watched her lover drown.
Track Name: William Carter - at Port Arthur
tis the story of william carter, served his sentence at port arthur, good behavior ticket of leave, so setting up a farm was he. loved the animals loved the life, a little too much, well he had no wife. charged with bestiality and sent back into solidarity.
Track Name: Heart Attack - in Launceston
I was booked in to play a show, at a little cafe you might know, three solo artists, and one didn't ever show. In your place a candle stood, and whispers all around the neighbourhood, that you made it to the hospital but didn't fare too good.
You were too young to have a heart attack, that's what everyone will be saying, too young to have a heart attack, now you've gone and proved everybody wrong.
In the hospital waiting room, the doctor's busy, he'll get to you soon, surrounded by the half dead, this is where the grim reaper's looming. Here come chest pains more and more, while you're passed out on the waiting room floor, you've played your last set, there will be no encore.
Track Name: Alexander Pearce - on Sarah Island
well he heard that tale about me, and escape was on his mind, he was young and he was eager, he'd be as good as I could find. I said this time instead of east, we'd try our luck for north, and as we packed our gear I made sure I had the axe.
Our plan it worked so perfect set off in the dead of night, in the clinker we had hidden I rowed with all my might, tomorrow there'll be lashings, for someone has to pay, but for the current moment, well, we were on our way.
The sun came up as we hid the boat and I realised we were free, following the coast along, the young guy and me, he was navigating and carrying food, he seemed a useful crew. Until we got to Kings Rivers, well the young guy couldn't swim.